" I am built out of everything I never got round to doing"
" Just because you can see me does not mean I am here"
" Convenience is not a catalyst for conversion"
" If the window of opportunity is closed when I get there I will use the door like everyone else"
" In times of turmoil find a home to attack from"
" My pencil is not sharp enough to be an illustrator"
" That which we inherit must also be left behind"
" Please let me lose myself in high-class dreams with low class morals"
" We stand on land so polished by our feet, In the corridor of success is where we aim to meet"
"I walked for miles without my feet and got nowhere in my mind"
" Great ideas are filtered through the lampshade of life"
" How many tones of grey do you see when you look in the mirror? "
' A confused state of mind is one that can be simply rectified"
" Life is but a dream till you choose to make it a reality"